What is an Official Plan?

    It is a document that describes the County’s vision for the future.  It explains how the vision will be achieved through policies that direct buildings, housing, roads, parks and natural areas and public spaces. The Official Plan establishes the goals, objectives, and land use policies to ensure that the future needs of the community are met.

    Why is the County Reviewing the Official Plan?

    The Province requires the County review the Official Plan on a regular basis. The review process also requires the County to revisit important policies, such as the location and type of housing, access to a wide range of jobs, protection of natural areas and support for agricultural uses.

    Are an Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Review the same thing?

    Yes and no. Any municipality can undertake an Official Plan Review. However, the County is an upper-tier municipality, and the review of an upper-tier Official Plan is also referred to as a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR).

    How can I get involved?

    Register for updates at public events or through the Join in Dufferin MCR webpage. Visit us at future events and initiatives which will be held across the County.